Data Architects, Inc.


We know how to value information as an asset-  a secured, managed resource empowering customer and stakeholder relationships.

Bridging the gap between business functions, IT and the enterprise perspective is our speciality.

Productivity and innovation targets are achieved more effectively when thought leadership and consulting expertise are key ingredients.

Experience provides the benefit of “lessons learned” and draws from a library of customized methods and techniques to meet objectives.

Clients include government agencies, mid-size companies and Fortune 500 corporations--healthcare, consumer products and financial services industries among others.

   Data Architects' leadership skills, business acumen and proven technical expertise have contributed to the success of many business-critical projects.

Let us help you raise your master data management and data governance design and performance!

Technology is no longer the primary challenge.   Alignment with the business- goals, semantics and processes is key.  Delivery of key information through purposeful management of those assets provides the real opportunity for success.
The business side of Information Architecture and the realization of true business gains are the drivers for solid project strategy.
We provide a direct path to meet objectives- targeted solutions to meet client needs.


Master Data Management and Data Governance

Enterprise Information Architecture